Top 5 next generation fighting games

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 16/Jul/2009
Fighting games were always one of the most important video games genre not only because it’s the only way that any person can perform an acrobatic kick or punch but because its may also be the only legal way we can push the bar and make things like blood and violence a goal to be achieved.
Next generation consoles gave the developers all the needed hardware capabilities to maximize the quality of their games but did they really utilize those monstrous consoles to bring us a real next gen fighting game?
Well I think even we still didn’t really got something extraordinary like the original Soul Caliber during the Dreamcast era , we still have some serious approaches to what could be a good next gen fighting game, and here is our top 5 next gen fighting games to date.
5 -Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe may feels a bit weird combining super heroes and comic books stars with the legendary MK warriors maybe for the first time. the fighting mechanics are solid and fun and With a total of 22 playable characters Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe represent a refreshing return to the feel of the early Mortal Kombat games that made Mortal Kombat's gameplay so compelling and breathtaking in the first place.
One of the biggest obstacles for Midway was how to balance DC Universe characters strengths with MK warriors. While the 11 Mortal Kombat warriors are all top-shelf, DC characters mesh surprisingly well with the MK crowd, all the characters have been created with an eye wide open on the source material.
Despite some low rating reviews Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe really managed to achieve something special were the game play it self is very varied and while the screen sometimes turns to a magical attacks arena where fire, ice, wind, lasers even rockets and bullets are all over the place the game didn’t forget the basic fighting tips where kick and punch’s combos are very effective and can Determine the fate of the game.
With Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe I guarantee you an enjoyable great visual presented fighting experience between MK warriors and DC out of comic books pages characters. MK1
. 4 – Soulcalibur IV
Ever since Soulcalibur was released for the Dreamcast, it sets the bar on a very high level at that time both on the graphics & gameplay level leaving all the competition behind with a solid weapon based fighting system ever made on home consoles.
Since then subsequent entries in the series hadn’t change a lot as far as the weapon-based fighting mechanics are concerned, and at some points introduced new features and game play modes with distance success.
Soulcalibur IV is no different; the series-first online play is a great addition, but though the visuals have improved and the gameplay has undoubtedly evolved, it still feels very familiar. And believe me that's no bad thing at all. soul_calibur_4_ps3_08 . 3 - Virtua Fighter 5
I remember that Virtua fighter series were always there all over my gaming life I played the original virtua fighter on the PC for the first time and since then Sega kept there fighting masterpiece on a corner called a “very deep fighting game”, unlike so many other fighting games VF was never made for casual gamers where every single character needs is a hall different story whenever you master its moves.
Running on the same path VF5 comes with a lot more to offer, smooth animation, silky moves and improved - still not very satisfying - graphics in addition to the all new online battles system feature (XBOX 360 version) make it a must have for all its lovers
virtua-fighter-5 . 2 - Fight Night: Round 4
Probably you may find it wired to find this game on the second spot overcoming legendary titles above but since we are talking about next gen fighting games Fight Night: round 4 is truly a flag on its genre, although maybe it’s more than a sport than a fighting game but come on it is still a “Fight Night” at the end of the day.
Fight night is a fully tactical fighting game where time is always lethal and counter attacks are more important than direct ones
Fight Night: Round 4 is a graphical masterpiece in every aspect and its maybe one of the most polished video game ever made along with a reliable online gaming experience FNR4 should find its way to your fighting games collection from the easiest ways.
. 1 - Street Fighter IV
When we are talking about SF we implicitly are talking about a legend or a flag in video games industry, you may ask your father about SF and he will tell you it’s a video game while he may not know that the PSP is a gaming console !!
Now SFIV comes with huge amount of adrenaline in its pocket, one of the most anticipated fighting games in this generation of consoles and guess what? It was worth the wait after all.
Quick, smooth, responding and colorful all these words can barely describe Capcom’s masterpiece in addition to the all new network mode which made it possible to challenge some old school Asian gamers possible, and full of enthusiasm.
Posted: 16/Jul/2009
That's so retarded because those are the 3D fighting games that ever came out:/
Posted: 16/Jul/2009
@ Xino where is Dead or alive then !! etc etc etc
Posted: 16/Jul/2009
you missed Tekken 6!!!
Posted: 16/Jul/2009
@ alaa still not released man !
Posted: 16/Jul/2009
@ Alaa: Tekken 6 still yet to be released at the end of the year in October 27, 2009. We are talking about the best 5 fighting games you can play right now, not the best 5 upcoming fighting games that will be released in the future.
Posted: 16/Jul/2009
what about Blazblue calamity trigger? it is better than street fighter
Posted: 16/Jul/2009
This list is bull. Blazblue is better than street fighter and also Tekken 6 is out , its been for almost a month in arcades.
Posted: 16/Jul/2009
blazblue is very good but its no top 5 at all...i like 2d fighting games, but let them learn from SFIV team, they made an excellent effort by making a 3D fighting game while remaining loyal to their 2D fighting system.
Posted: 16/Jul/2009
Tekken 6 IS out, goddamn, doesn't anyone go to Arcades at all anymore?
Posted: 16/Jul/2009
Tekken 6 still not released on next generation consoles, even its out for arcade, how we suppose to evaluate its online component for example, which is btw one of the main reason that make a deference in our judging for a NEXT GEN fighting game !!