FORZA III Damage system looks too OLD!

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 26/Sep/2009
First of all I want to make it clear that I’m a big fan of Forza series and here at we always tried to pass every single peace of info we managed to get about the long-awaited racing simulation master piece.  
Now that the Demo version is available to everyone, we would like to put the microscope on one of the most important aspects in any racing simulation game, Damages & Crashes.  
We all know that Forza is a racing simulation game and it’s far away from being anything near an arcade game so when we talk about crashes and damages systems we won't compare the game with Burnout Paradise or anything like it.  
damage 2  
After I played FORZAIII demo more than 10 times, something weird caught my attention in the damage system, and I will not hide that I felt a certain dissatisfaction with the size of development and improvement that happened since FORZAII.  
FORZAII was characterized by the unique damage system it had at that time, but that was in 2007 and what was “unique” before is simply "Not enough" right now specially after we experienced games like GRID and DIRT 2 and they both offer a much deeper damage system than the one in FORZAIII demo, it's obvious that FORZAIII improved so much in so many aspects, but I think they didn’t pay enough attentions to the damage system.  
You can simply try to test the demo yourself, and I think you will probably notice the following:  
- You crash head on into another car and all what you will see is paint scratches! - You hit the rear right light in the car in front of you then the other one simply broke even you didn't touch it. - Any accident no matter how awful it is, can't affect the length of the chassis. - Lights sometimes survive a huge direct hit, while they may be broke in a silly indirect collision.  
Well, don't call me a GT5 fan, I think you better call me a disappointed FORZAIII fan who is affected by every minor fail in the game -not to mention that I didn't notice any gear shifting animation- maybe it's my fault because I thought the game will be just PERFECT, but simply it isn't, and I can say that GT5 "Destructio Derby" footage are not that bad after all!  
FORZAII Demo Damage footage back in 2007, I don't think that FORZAIII improved alot!  
FORZAIII Damage footage:  
Posted: 27/Sep/2009
FIXED ;) While damage is cool in a game, I don't believe it is that important. With that being said, I will say that from playing the demo, Forza 3 does not seem much different than Forza 2. The handling seems a bit tighter. The cars look a bit nicer. The in-car camera view is cool, although it's been done before. I really didn't see anything special that would convince me to no longer play my copy of Forza 2, and play Forza 3 instead. WIth Burnout like you mentioned, and games like BLUR and Split Second coming out.. the familiar 'racing sim' like Forza and Gran Turismo is starting to feel boring and outdated. It's been done before and I'm really not sure how it can be improved upon. I think racing sims like these games are as good as they're going to get.
Posted: 28/Sep/2009
I think GT5 is going to be amazing, but Q1 2010 is a TERRIBLE time to release it. Early 2010 looks so packed I can't even remember all the AAA titles people will be forced to buy. If anything they should delay it a bit (hey they delayed it this much already, why not some more?) to SUMMER 2010, when NO ONE has anything new to play! Free PS3!
Posted: 26/Sep/2009
forza AND gt5 are both disappointing with damage, at least gt5 has time to add deformation and scratches but its too late for forza to give us something realistic
Posted: 26/Sep/2009
I always noticed that in Forza 2 haven't tried the demo for 3 yet, but seems they didn't improve in that aspect, but i am glad to hear that someone beside me take notice of it.
Posted: 26/Sep/2009
I too noticed the limited damage cars take. in one video a car flips over and back on its wheels with barely any damage and keeps going. I'm uncertain how I feel about that, on one hand I certainly noticed it but on another I really don't like seeing my car smashed up or totaled. For me though one of the big perks of forza 3 is the cockpit view, it's my preferred view point in racing games so to have 400 car interiors modeled, for me, is a fair trade for some of the other short comings. I am still excited to play the game.
Posted: 26/Sep/2009
Has it ever occurred t you guys that Car manufactures limit the amount of damage allowed to be shown? There is a-lot of politics behind games, especially when non-fictional brands are involved. Trust me on this... Thats all im saying.
Posted: 26/Sep/2009
..That was it? Pathetic!
Posted: 26/Sep/2009
While I agree the damage modeling isn't up to par with even DiRT 1 it is consistent in that it affects all cars and not just 170 like GT 5. That 170 number was stated in interviews with Polophony Digital. In addition I was able to actually role another vehicle when I hit it head on as well as removing the bumpers and crumpling the hood when the car was upside down. There is also 3 difficulty settings to the damage modeling, which so far hasn't been mentioned here. What level did the article writer use: "Cosmetic, Limited, or Realistic?"
Posted: 26/Sep/2009
Forza 2 damage is even better!!! GT on PS2 had a better damage effects :D
Posted: 26/Sep/2009
I'll give them that this is a DEMO. As stated above. But after all the cocky shit talking the dev team did at E3 I hope they get their asses handed to them by GT5. Goes to show talking shit just shows your insecure. Not too mention if you look at the actual teams developing the two games one is clearly taken more seriously and done right vs. the Turn 10 idealisms of contracting/outsourcing and meeting deadlines to ship. So of coarse in the end GT5 will prove superior it has to do with being owned by a parent company that cares more about numbers and the bottom line than quality of a product and it's fans. And that my friends is a simple fact.