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  • Cliffy.B: "No plans for any Gears on PS3 any time soon"

Cliffy.B: "No plans for any Gears on PS3 any time soon"

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 02/Dec/2009
Cliffy.B, the design director of the Gears of War franchise has killed all the rumors that have been popping on the internet about the possibility of a Gears of War game on Sony's console, the PS3.  
Gears of War  
Speaking on Kotaku radio, when someone had mentioned that Microsoft doesn't hold the exclusivity of the franchise and asked him about the possibility of the next installment in the series to appear on the PS3 as a multiplatform title, the creative force behind the Gears of War franchise answered:  
"Honestly there's really no plans for any Gears on PS3 any time soon, which I can confirm"  
After that, Kotaku asked him a question about two of the most mentioned rumors in the industry: What will happen first, GOW on PS3 or MSG4 on Xbox 360:  
"Hmm.....I would wager that...I know Microsoft is a huge fan of Kojima......I actually have no knowledge on any of this, but my guts as a gamers told me that you would see a Metal Gear Solid game on Xbox 360 before you see a Gears of War game on the PS3"  
I don't know if he actually knows about Metal Gear Solid: Rising or not. Because it's a Metal Gear Solid game and it's multiplatform. Maybe he means MGS4? Anyway, you have heard him, no Gears on PS3 anytime soon.  
Posted: 04/Dec/2009
Look, don't worry if Gears of War doesn't come to PS3. We already have the Uncharted series which is one of the finest game Iv'e played. We also have the upcoming game, Quantum Theory (or Quantum for US Release) from Tecmo (Team Ninja is not involved with this, sorry). That game already is the PS3's Gears of War. It plays almost the same way as Gears (No chainsaw, though). From watching the gameplay video, that game looks very promising and that game will work as a substitute for Gears.
Posted: 11/Dec/2009
I don't care about GEOW and neither do my friends. Metal Gear Solid: Rising is not a Metal Gear Solid game, Its a Metal Gear game. Solid Snake will not be in it thus, the name Metal Gear SOLID is irrelevant. GEOW fails to me and I'd much rather stick with Uncharted. Nuff said. Also, No I did not play MGS2, because snake wasn't in it. Directors have nothing to do about it. Metal Gear SOLID is Metal Gear SOLID because of Solid Snake. Thus if he is not in it, it is not Metal Gear SOLID! Of course that doesn't mean MGS:Rising will be a bad game. Because God of War is way better than the first time and it's original director is gone. Nuff said.
Posted: 03/Dec/2009
Ps3 owners don't give a fuck about GEOW.
Posted: 03/Dec/2009
@ aRabicturd: Don't be such a fanboi. PS3 owners do give a fuck about Gears. At the same time Xbox 360 owners do give a fuck about MGS. Both franchises are popular and everybody needs to play them.
Posted: 03/Dec/2009
How about bringing Gears of War 2 to the PC already? People who played the first GoW would like to continue with the story and enjoy the multiplayer like everyone else already. They really had nothing to gain withholding that game from porting to the PC.
Posted: 03/Dec/2009
Maybe they'll make a new IP game for PS3.
Posted: 03/Dec/2009
It's not a metal gear solid game, the title is Metal Gear: Rising, it's much less cool without the "solid"
Posted: 03/Dec/2009
Personally, I would rather him work on a new IP for the PS3 than do a piss poor port of GOW to the PS3....if he has any plans on making a PS3 game, it would be best to do it from the ground up so he can take advantage of the console instead of hindering it.
Posted: 03/Dec/2009
@ Brian No, it's a Metal Gear Solid game. Watch the E3 announcement to see for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDKnyAyLfNY
Posted: 03/Dec/2009
PS3 owners don't need gears of war, they have something better called uncharted 2