Forza 4 vs GT5: Forza 4 raise the bar

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 12/Jun/2011
The folks at Turn 10 have promised that Forza 4 will have "unmatched visuals" and to redefine the racing sim genre once again when the game arrives this November. How Forza 4 stack up against its biggest competitor GT5 in term of visuals? The comparison below show the improvements Forza 4 have over its predecessor and competitors.  
The new image based lighting system and the level of detail in cars and the environments in Forza 4 are amazing. Check out the comparison below:  
Subaru WRX STI gameplay:  
Posted: 11/Sep/2011
Gulyopapa you are un mamaguevaso americano . you are crazy man the 24 hours is a crap anybody prefer that than see your asshole driving gt5 is the king in more aspects.
Posted: 14/Oct/2011
Compare the two games all you like visually to decide a winner on that front, but frankly neither game is what it should be features wise, especially given the number or iterations each has now had. The two games combined would (is for those who own both) still a long way off the racing game we should be playing. There is too much focus on graphics in each, not enough on compelling gameplay modes.
Posted: 29/Sep/2011
here's the thing they are trying to compare graphics, Which in all honesty is outstanding but i am sorry when it gets down to realism I have always felt that Gran Turismo has done a better job, I have raced in all 5 Gran Turismos and played all 3 Forzas that are out but GT has Always had a more Real feel to it, and yes i will admit Forzas graphics are better but thats not what the game should be about it should be about Realism.
Posted: 20/Sep/2011
Why bother comparing GT5 with Forza 4 ?, It was the same with the GT5 v Forza 3 comparison Forza 3 was out at least a year before GT5 and yet PS3 fanboys were struggling to prove it was a better game. Forza 3 was a year older and it scored 92 on Metacrtic compared to GT5s very POOR score of 84 making Forza 3 the highest rated next gen racing sim on any console and now Forza 4 is here with all the new amazing graphics, gameplay and options such as headtracking and voice controlled menus(if you are lucky enough to have Kinect), (Anyone who has played GT5 will tell you what a mess the menu system is an funnily enough Kinect voice menu system could improve GT5 by 50% Forza 4s online options just wipes the floor off GT5 weak online gameplay options Anyone who has genuinely played GT5 and not a fanboy will admit it is one of the slowest loading games around only Modernation racers could be slower.
Posted: 23/Aug/2011
4 forza has over 1 million polygons per car, realistic lighting effects, runs at 60 fps, 4 crushes forza GT5. GT5 is not native 1080p, GT5 is 1280x1080 and does upcaling to 1080p, 1280x1080 resolution is great but it is not true 1080p. but now with the arrival of the new xbox 360 engines will show your true potential graphics. the ps3 had the unique advantage in graphics, just because the ps3 had very good graphics engines for their exclusive games and xbox 360 did not have very good engines, but everything is changing, and the arrival of new engines and technologies such as meshes and mega might light on xbox 360, now it is showing that it can produce amazing graphics 4 games like forza, gears of war 3 is coming and starting to show the potential of the Xbox 360. imagine the graphics of Halo 4 ...
Posted: 22/Jul/2011
Wow, Forza's done such a good job on there cars looks and relfections that it look so real that most poeple can't believe that it is real. GOOD JOB Forza :D just look how pissy GT fans became lol!
Posted: 22/Jul/2011
I want to see a Top Gear EP were The stig makes a lap with Forza 4 and a lap with GT5 with a steering wheel, yet in the end he'll might just run over both Xbox and Playstation with steem roller jump out of that and hop into a FXX and drive into the sunset... while on fire that will tell us what game has the most real driving sim, if he dosn't kill the games first
Posted: 15/Sep/2011
I own a 360 and PS3 and both games GT5 and Forza 3 i would have to say i enjoy the road racing of Forza 3 and the feel and handleing of the cars more than GT5 although GT5 has alot more realism, also being able to go and rally in different weather etc. But i can never get over drifting with a tuned up RWD car on Forza 3 it is so much fun and havent played a game like it in that respect.... I cant pick between the 2 there both soo good, My Conclusion: If Forza or GT5 was on PC it would Shit on anything
Posted: 15/Jul/2011
forza might have better graphics but will the gameplay be as good at GT5. I personally get bored of racing games pretty fast but I really liked GT5 and played it for ages. the other Forza games I played for about a month then got bored.
Posted: 13/Jun/2011
I'm a GT5 fanboy but I gave Forza 4 a try to see if it's something new that I will also like. After a test drive at E3'2011, I have to say that Forza sucks! I really don't care about the graphics because the realism is what i'm looking for....and Forza is no GT5. Forza is just an arcade game while GT5 is a sim. right now, nothing beats GT5 as a sim.