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Tim Sweeney: UE4 is "Running stably now"

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 14/Mar/2012
Epic Game's CEO and technical director Tim Sweeney has revealed that Epic's next gen middle-ware engine 'Unreal Engine 4' is "running stably" right now and "a select few partners" already have access to it. Every generation, the budget for creating games increases marginally so the extraordinary coder hopes that UE4 will provide a solution for game companies who don't want to spend $100 million dollars to create high quality games for the next generation of consoles.  
"Well our engine has been in active development for a long time. It's up and running stably now and a select few partners have and will have access to it shortly. It is already in the early stage of the development pipeline at a number of studios."  
"But we're saving the announcements until everything is lined up for when we can make a really big public splash. Obviously we're trying to line up Epic's roadmap up with a few other roadmaps whose existence we can't even acknowledge." He told gamesindustry.biz.  
"If you go into the next generation with a budget of $100 million, you are doing it wrong and are being far too brute force. We want to deliver the solution that enables many teams to develop triple-A games economically and build solid businesses around it, rather than throwing in vast amounts of money in hopes of [succeeding]."  
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