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Mortal Combat characters like you never seen before

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 20/Nov/2009
Vincent Proce, Ex-Midway artist has posted on his blog never seen before art works for a rejected Mortal Combat characters re imagining. He explained "The basis for the idea was a re imagining of the Mortal Kombat franchise from the original premise but mixing modern muti-player and dismemberment game design with the original fighting mechanic."  
Proce described each of his designs with the following: His Scorpion as "a wraith wearing the yellow blood of the demon that resurrected him", his Raiden as "Raiden as a god who's feet rarely touch the ground." His Sonya, was redesigned as "the daughter of a Texas Ranger who's sex appeal weakens her opponents while her Special Forces training kicks their asses." Finally, his Kano as "half Japanese half US military bad ass."  
He explained that he made these designs before he left Midway last year. While his re imagining will not be happening, I hope that the next Mortal Combat to have the same dark and dramatic tone of these artworks.  
Posted: 20/Nov/2009
this is so nice!!! better than the original ones!!! its strange why they rejected such art!