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Top five unannounced sequels that would look amazing with CryEngine 3

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 06/May/2012

I always wondered how a certain game would look like if it used a different tech or game engine. In an age where Epic dominates the engine licensing market with its own middleware game engine Unreal engine 3, Crytek's game engine Cryengine 3 is offering a genuine alternative solution for developers, but sadly it's underused. Maybe in the next generation life cycle, Cryengine 3 will be more fitting. A look at the video below will give you a glimpse on how games such as the next Elder Scrolls game could look like on next gen consoles. Anyway, the games that I want most to see running on Cryengine 3 are listed below and I think we won't see these titles on current consoles.




1. Alan Wake 2:


If you have watched the video above, you may have noticed that some of the environments presented in the first couple of minutes are similar to the environments seen in Remedy's physiological action thriller Alan Wake, but way more detailed and more life like compared to the actual game. Remedy should really consider licensing CryEngine 3 for Alan Wake 2.  


2. Fable 4:


 Fable games are artistically brilliant, but technically, Lionhead's in-house engine doesn't show the amazing art direction of the Fable series the way it should be seen. Lionhead has ditched its in-house engine to create Fable: The Journey, and instead licensed Unreal Engine 3 to make the game. Lionhead may have chosen Unreal Engine 3 because it's a great middleware to create games for Kinect (UE3 has powered many kinect titles), but Fable 4 running on CryEngine 3 will be absolutely amazing. Just imagine how stunning Albion could look with CryEngine 3. 


3. Dark Souls 2:


Just imagine how the next Dark Souls game medievil setting would look using CryEngine 3.  


4. The next Elder Scrolls game:


Just look at the video above and the video below, The next Elder Scrolls game should look like this. 



5. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2:


Just imagine an action game with fixed camera angles running on CryEngine 3, it will be stunning. 


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